The All-New MBP C1002V Cruiser: A Modern Classic


In 2023, MBP unveiled the C1002V Cruiser, a bike that seamlessly blends classic cruiser aesthetics with modern performance and technology. This latest addition to MBP's lineup promises to captivate enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Design and Aesthetics

The MBP C1002V is a visual treat, drawing inspiration from iconic cruisers while incorporating contemporary elements. Its retro styling is evident in the round headlight, teardrop fuel tank, and extensive use of chrome. The bike's overall design is both nostalgic and modern, appealing to a wide range of riders. The massive rear tire adds to its aggressive stance and enhances stability and traction.

Performance and Technology

Beneath its classic exterior, the C1002V is powered by a robust 997cc V-twin engine, delivering 93 horsepower and 102 Nm of torque. This engine ensures smooth and responsive performance, making it suitable for both city riding and long-distance cruising. The bike features a six-speed gearbox and a belt drive system, enhancing its reliability and ease of maintenance.

The C1002V is equipped with advanced technology to enhance the riding experience. The 7-inch TFT display provides essential information at a glance and includes smartphone connectivity for navigation and music control. The bike also features ABS braking, traction control, and multiple riding modes, ensuring safety and versatility in various riding conditions.

Comfort and Convenience

Rider comfort is a priority in the C1002V's design. The bike features a comfortable, low-slung seat and ergonomically positioned handlebars, making it ideal for long rides. The suspension system is finely tuned to absorb road imperfections, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, the bike offers ample storage space, making it practical for touring.


  • Engine: 997cc V-twin
  • Power: 93 HP
  • Torque: 102 Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed gearbox with belt drive
  • Display: 7-inch TFT with smartphone connectivity
  • Safety: ABS braking, traction control, multiple riding modes
  • Comfort: Adjustable handlebars, low-slung seat, robust suspension
  • Storage: Ample space for touring

Final Thoughts

The MBP C1002V Cruiser is a testament to MBP's commitment to quality and innovation. It perfectly blends classic cruiser charm with modern technology, offering a riding experience that is both exhilarating and comfortable. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of motorcycling, the C1002V is designed to impress and inspire.

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